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Girl PowHER
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About Girl PowHER

Our mission is to empower young women mentally, emotionally and physically to promote school and community engagement ensuring each girl reaches her full potential.

For 2020, the girls will have fall outdoor adventure experiences such as hiking, archery, GPS scavenger hunts, and trail building. They will find empowerment by empowering others through service to their schools, local communities, and their families. They will find a safe and accepting place to talk.  They will also have access to adult community mentors they can turn to as positive role models.

Featured Courses

  • HER Film Camp Workshop: Summer 2021

    HER Film Camp offers girls and gender non-conforming youth an opportunity to learn the art of storytelling through film production. Campers are encouraged to explore their talents, be bold and brave and understand their potential impact. It's her time to shine, it's #HERFilmCamp. The Workshop is the introductory, prerequisite course of HER Film Camp. HER Film Camp offers girls and non-binary youth an opportunity to learn the art of storytelling through film production The first week focuses on understanding the fundamentals of storytelling and production. Campers will learn the basics of screenplay writing, the pitch, pre-production, cinema technology, production design, and flow. Campers will collaborate, create, and shoot their own ideas for a short film. The second week will focus on post-production which includes editing, sound design, color correction, and delivering their final films. Other activities include shooting interviews, speaker talkbacks, and watching short films. Dates: 6/21-6/25, 6/28-7/2. 2 Weeks Ages: 11-18 Location: Battle Mountain High School 0151 Miller Ranch Rd, Edwards Cost: $50. Scholarships Available El taller de HER Film Camp es el curso introductorio y prerrequisito de HER Film Camp. HER Film Camp ofrece a las niñas y a los jóvenes no-binarios la oportunidad de aprender el arte de contar historias a través de la producción cinematográfica. La primera semana se enfoca en comprender los fundamentos de la narración y la producción. Los campistas aprenderán los conceptos básicos de la escritura de guiones, el tono, la preproducción, la tecnología cinematográfica, el diseño de producción y el flujo. Los campistas colaborarán, crearán y filmarán sus propias ideas para un cortometraje. La segunda semana se centrará en la postproducción que incluye editar videos, diseño de sonido, corrección de color y entrega de sus películas finales. Otras actividades incluyen grabaciones de entrevistas y visualización de cortometrajes.